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Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, which includes products like Word, OneDrive, and the Microsoft Teams chatting platform, is getting a facelift. The service is now called Microsoft 365, and contains some useful updates that should appeal to families, office workers, and even Grammarly customers.

Microsoft 365: A Quick Overview

Office 365 is an essential tool for work or school. And over the last few years, Microsoft has pushed the 365 suite as an all-in-one solution for non-professional or family use. The service is incredibly inexpensive, yet it contains tools that could easily replace costly services like Dropbox or your current email client.

The new Microsoft 365 rebrand, which costs $7 a month for personal use and $10 a month for family use, is a massive push toward families and household use. For example, Microsoft 365 contains a family version of Microsoft Teams, which provides overviews of your family’s screen-time, calendar, school assignments, and more.

Other updates include a universal version of Microsoft Editor, the Grammarly-like text editing tool, and the ability to link bank accounts to Excel for personal budgeting. But that’s just a quick summary of what’s new. Let’s go into the dirty details.

Microsoft Editor is a text editing suite that points out your typos and suggests changes that might make your writing easier to understand. The service used to be exclusive to Microsoft Word, but will now open for use in Microsoft Edge, Outlook, Word Online, and Google Chrome with a Microsoft 365 subscription.