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In July 2020 and August 2020, (MC218295) we advised you that we would be renaming 10 Azure Active Directory (AD) built-in roles names to make them consistent with those that appear in Microsoft 365 admin center, the Azure AD portal, and Microsoft Graph. After a delay, we are pleased to announce that the rollout is complete.

Key points
Timing: available now
Roll-out: tenant level
Control type: admin UI

How this will affect your organization
You will now see these 10 updated Azure AD names in the Microsoft 365 admin center, Azure AD portal, and Microsoft Graph API.
Table of new role names

What you need to do to prepare
If you have PowerShell script or application that leverages these roles by display name, please double-check that you have made any necessary adjustments.

We strongly discourage the use of display names in your script or code. Instead, you should reference the role template ID. See this list of template IDs for Azure AD built-in roles and List unifiedRole definitions

Bron: Microsoft